Those who are really hungry and thirsty will seek Him and they will find Him. Those who will draw near to Him, He will draw near to them. Those who hear Him knocking at the door, will open the door and He will come in and dine with you. Come closer. His Sheep hear His voice. Come eat His Flesh and drink His blood. He is one Spirit with you. Let His Word become flesh in and through you, so that you may have life and live it abundantly through His Grace and Truth. He will clothe you with His righteousness.

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When you see Him you will not be the same; you will be like Him. Into His likeness is our journey. We must learn to wait on Him, before we learn to walk with Him.


This Group is a special place to give thanks and give back to those who partner with the School of the Holy Spirit.

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Financial Responsibility

This group is currently led by Kim Angela Lee. In this group you will learn financial responsibilities; from getting rid of debt, to saving for your future or saving for emergency. You will learn the importance of budgeting. You will be equiped with ideas on how to make money via "side hustles" or even some residual income ideas. There are so many topics to cover in this group.

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Singles, Married, Divorced, or Widowed

This group is currently led by Heidi Banks. This group you will continue on the journey of learning to be satisfied in your single life, but not being lonely. You will learn to prepare for marriage. Those who are married will continue to share their personal experiences and how to improve in their relationships with their spouses. This is an advanced relationship course where you will learn about forgiveness and love in-order to achieve blissful change. You will understand concepts about boundaries, individuation, singleness and wholeness, rejection, etc...

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The Book of Psalms

This is group is currently led by Carolyn Boler. In this group you will be immersed in learning the language of love through the art of worship. The book of Psalms has been authored by many authors to include King David. This is a weekly course.

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The Book of Daniel

This group is currently being led by Jo Jolly. We are going through a revelatory journey in order to understand Daniel and how to walk in the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding (Revelation) as part of the Seven-Fold Spirit of the Lord. We will be diving deep through scriptures in order to escavate the keys in walking in this realm.

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The Women of Bible Series

This is group is lead by Elder Braxton, Michelle and her teams. This group is not limited to only women participants, but all who want to learn how to live a life of pure character, holiness, as the bride of Christ. We will research and revisit many out of 400 profiled women the bible teaches us. We will learn from Abi to Zipporah. This subscription will give you access to all the study materials and links to the recordings. For as low as $5 a month you will have access to this study. You are required to be part of the School of the Holy Spirit. Club which is a $25 base tuition prior to joining this series.

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Prophetic Teams

This group is a team of people who love God and people and truly desire the gift of prophecy.  We meet every Friday night for "Prophetic Calesthenics" learning and excercises.  In this goup you will learn to hear the voice of the Lord for each other (specifically personal prophetic flow) in-order to comfort, edify, exhort for the benefit of the body.  We learn the basic, intermediate, and advanced prophetic service in a safe enviroment. New Enrolees will be required to deposit a one time tuition fee.  This course has a pre-requisite of taking "Prophetic Healing, Discernment, and  Deliverance" course prior to public teams ministry (link will be posted here).  

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Scribal Tribe

This group consist of several team leads. We meet every Saturdays, usually at 10am to learn about writing and publishing our books.  On several occasions we have several guest speakers who are either experts or are highly experience to teach us on a subject dealing with book publishing, editing, and writing.  This group will catalyze you and challenge you to write and finish your first book draft between 6 months to 9 months. We are not into writing fluff. We into writing the pure revelation we receive from the heavenlies and sharing it with the world.

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School of the Holy Spirit is exactly as its name suggests, in many ways the school of the Holy Spirit teaches, inspires and encourages all who come to class to fulfill God’s plan whilst here on earth, the fruit of the Lord’s Spirit is definitely evident and His qualities found to be increasing in me thus aiding me as a student to be more effective and productive in my knowledge of Him which in turn builds boldness and confidence.
Patricia Martin
School of Holy Spirit is more than just a name but a Lifestyle … Learning to be led and fed of and by Holy Spirit is a daily desire that increases … This school provides you with the how to , you will be encouraged by like minded believers and their testimonies and willingness to teach … I’m grateful to be in their company , experience Unity personal and corporate growth … the biblical content shared is so needful , revelatory and I am blessed to have at my finger tips to refer to especially in individual times of studying .
Kanisha Allen
School of the Holy Spirit simply has changed my life. I cannot begin to say what this place has done for me. I am forever changed. My spiritual life has been catapulted to a new level.